Frequently asked questions

Can I share multiple libraries using PHPture?

PHPture is designed like apple Aperture, it can only handle one library at a time, however, you can install as many instances of PHPture as you want. Just make a copy of the directory 'phpture' and rename it to something else and change the path to the library in the file conf.php

Can I use PHPture to rate images or make other modifications?

No, PHPture is designed as a viewing application for several very good reasons. Making modifications would require the library to be writable for other users as well, which could potentionally be a big security risk. Also, because Apple Aperture is designed for a single user it would introduce a number of concurrency issues when more than one person is making modifications to the library at the same time. Furthermore, it would require even more in-depth knowledge of the file-format because some changes could make it unable for Apple Aperture to use the library.

What versions of Mac OS X and Aperture does PHPture work with?

PHPture has been developed on Mac OS X 10.4.9 with Apple Aperture 1.5. PHPture has been tested in various browsers. PHPture also works fine in Mac OS X 10.4.10.

Why can't I reach PHPture from the internet (WAN)?

There is either a firewall blocking your access, or a problem with the Apache configuration. If your IP-address is changed to the name of your Mac, you easily work around it by adding a / (forward slash) to the end of the address.

Do I need to run Apple Aperture to use PHPture?

No, PHPture runs completely independent of Apple Aperture, it doesn't even have to be installed. The only thing needed is a Library package that was created with Apple Aperture.

Will PHPture slow down Aperture?

As said before, they work independent of each other, but when both programs are working with the library at the same time there might be some slowdown that causes pictures to load slower, but usually the network connection is the bottleneck and both the browser and Aperture use a cache to store the images in. In practice it is often faster to look for an image in PHPture rather than opening op Aperture to do a search and export the image from there. Logo