What is PHPture?

PHPture is a web application that you can install on your own computer to share your library of pictures created with Apple Aperture on a (local) network and view them in a browser. PHPture is written in PHP and can be used and modified free of charge.


PHPture 2.1 released

13 July 2009

A new version of PHPture with various bug fixes and new features has just been made available for download on SourceForge. The changelog is as follows:

PHPture compatible with Aperture 2!

December 4, 2008

PHPture 2.0 is now now available for download and is fully compatible with the most recent versions of Apple Aperture 2, additionally Smart Albums are now also supported.

The changes in PHPture 2.0 compared to previous versions:

Another update with bugfixes

August 22, 2007

It's not packed with new features like some people have requested. But this new version does contain a number of fixes. First of all, viewing th econtents of a folder containing projects now really shows all pictures. Secondly, sorting by date now works properly. In addition to that the images can now be sorted by pixel size and import group. The date on which the picture was taken is correctly displayed in this version.

PHPture 1.2 can be downloaded from SourceForge.

New version of PHPture released

June 26, 2007

The first version after the inital release is now available for download, it contains a number of fixes for displaying projects. It also has a new option to disable the sharing of master images.


May 17, 2007

It looks like I send an email just to the right person. Today PHPture was featured on Aperture Plugged In, Aperture Users Professional Network and Imaging Insider.

Until now Aperture has received quite some positive feedback. I also had to help somebody configuring Apache. I think I'll add another manual for that later because I can imagine people want to want some changes there, but it can be quite hard to figure it all out by yourself.

FAQ and screenshots online

May 15, 2007

Yesterday I put some screenshots online, and I just made a page for frequently asked questions.

First release of PHPture

May 13, 2007

After spending some time writing the installation manual and working on the website for PHPture I uploaded the first public version of PHPture to SourceForge.net from where it available for downloading.

I don't expect thousands of downloads the first night, I'll ask some Aperture-users to test it later. First I'll get some rest and work on some other projects.


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